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Welcome to Colonial Belle Nursing Home Sealy

We have a range of rehabilitation therapy options available for our residents, including speech, occupational and physical therapy.

We strive to provide the best quality of care with compassion and dignity to our residents who are elderly or medically challenged. We accept private-pay and are also authorized to accept Medicare and Medicaid. Please feel free to call us at 979-885-2937 with any questions. We invite you to come tour our facility and visit with us!



My wife, because of a chemical imbalance was delusional, very paranoid and could not walk without aid because of balance problems. She was very weak and could barely talk. She is 79 years old. My daughter and I scouted out several Rehabilitation Centers ranging from nearby and up to 30 miles away and chose the Colonial Belle.

Here is why --

One of the first feature that drew us was the keen interest they had in my wife. As we watched the interaction between the employees there and their skill in handling the people under their care was very revealing to the point of being remarkable.

Some of the folks there were very weak and old, others in all states of just being old, some cantankerous, and others who were just not very aware of their surroundings - but the very skilled care-givers at Colonial Belle treated all with caring cheerfulness. It was impressive to watch these young ladies work with their charges.

My wife spent 3 weeks in rehabilitation and even though she didn't even remember going there, after about 3 days was well on her way to recovering. Her speech improved dramatically, and she liked the food. The staff there was wonderful! They had very strict Covid Rules and kept control of all who entered. Visitors had to be masked and hands sanitized prior to entry. Only the patient's close family and those who qualified as "Patient's Care Givers" were allowed into the facility.

My wife is home now after just 3 weeks at Colonial Belle. She is normal in all sense of the word. Walking, talking and carrying on with the family. We are so very grateful for the efforts given to her. The Occupational, and Physical therapist were exceptional as was their attention to details that would probably have gone unnoticed by others. I hope this has been helpful to others in the same boat as we were.

Robert Gross - 5star, Nov 2021